High-end CNC machine tools
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High-end CNC machine tools
Application overview
CNC machine tool is a kind of automatic machine tool equipped with a control system, with high precision, good flexibility, high efficiency, function compound, intelligent control, and other characteristics, is the mainstream direction of machine tool modernization development.
The displacement sensor is the core component of the CNC machine tool. By adding a high-precision time-grating displacement sensor on the moving shaft, real-time tracking and observing the cutting error, using the position feedback for full closed-loop control, to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-quality parts processing, and further improve the machining performance of CNC machine tool.
Main application equipment
CNC machine tool spindle
CNC machine tool rotating table
CNC machine tool pendulum head
CNC indexing turntable
Feed linear axis (X /Y /Z axis)
customer case
A machine tool R & D manufacturing manufacturer
A machine tool R & D manufacturing manufacturer
To improve the accuracy and performance of parts machining, linear time-grating displacement sensors is installed on the X-axis of the tool grinder to provide accurate position feedback. The processing condition is relatively harsh, full of cutting fluid, metal debris, and other solid liquid pollutants, the customer used a foreign grating ruler high maintenance cost and short service life, making the customer's production cost remains high.
Our closed absolute linear time-grating displacement sensor (Model: LAU-240) is applied to the customer's grinding machine, which can effectively resist the invasion of all kinds of solid and liquid pollutants and has a strong anti-pollution ability. In the same harsh processing environment, the stable operation has been more than half a year, during which the processing accuracy has always been maintained within the range of ±1um, to meet customers' demands for high-performance processing results and long-term reliable operation.
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